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Summer Masterclasses in Italy 2022


Why Encounters?  After years of traveling and giving Masterclasses all over the world I became more and more reluctant to this form of summer lessons. Very often I was exposed to bad instruments, uninspiring surroundings, bad hotels and an awful food. Often I had to give short lessons of 45 minutes maximum, which ended in “giving a lecture”. However I love getting to know new musicians, delight in summer full of joy, learning and discussing our role as an artist these days. Since a few years I started to crystallize my ideas how I could make the change and inspire younger generation, while away from the University in Hannover, Germany. My summer home in Italy created a perfect solution.

Our village is an ideal retreat for work, focus, concentration and at the same time a soothing place in the middle of olive groves and Umbrian hills. I invite you to join me for the intense music sessions and I recommend that you have vacation in Italy afterwards exploring this truly beautiful country.  

Please download the PDF File for further informations. Thank you!

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